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Self-Serve Or Employee Led: Figuring Out Bulk Ice Cream Toppings In The Midst Of COVID-19

If you own an ice cream shop and you typically let your customers serve themselves when it comes to toppings, it can be hard to figure out how to move forward to keep your customers and employees safe in the wake of COVID-19. There are several options that can work, depending on the setup of your shop. It may be easiest to have employees take over for the time being, changing gloves between each customer. If you have an open setup, it may make the most sense for each customer to walk around with an employee, dictating which toppings they'd like on your yogurt. While it may still be an option to have customers create their own ice cream bowls, it's likely not the best idea considering safety concerns.

As an ice cream shop owner, you know how important it is to keep employee and customer safety paramount during these unprecedented times. If you typically run a self-serve operation in which customers are able to choose and put together their own bulk ice cream toppings creations, it can be tough to know how to move forward. As long as you keep your customers informed of the decisions you're making and why, they'll likely continue coming back, knowing that you're keeping their safety a top priority. If you're searching for a bulk toppings distributor to help you through these tough times, reach out to Toppings Canada. They'll work with you to handle all of your bulk ice cream toppings needs in a way that keeps you, your employees, and your customers safe.

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